Avellana Gold joins European Business Association Avellana Gold joins European Business Association
Avellana Gold got new opportunities for running business in Ukraine and establishing cooperation with world leaders in different spheres. The Company has recently joined European Business Association – one of the most influential communities, which represents investors in Ukraine in order to improve investment climate in the country. European Business Association decided to admit Avellana Gold to its membership on June 19. “As a member of European Business Association Avellana Gold will be able to establish business relations with leading Ukrainian and foreign companies that work in Ukraine. What is also important is that membership in this organization testifies to Company’s obligation to work using the principles of transparency and comply with European business standards”, Andriy Smolin, the representative of investor of Avellana Gold in Ukraine, said. Membership in European Business Association gives investor companies an opportunity to establish partner relations with government, which will also boost economic growth of Ukraine. “I hope that in the nearest future Avellana Gold, which will be exploring a polymetal deposit in Zakarpattia region, will become involved in a productive dialogue with the government. Investment climate in Ukraine is really changing for the best. We can become an attractive country for running business and investment and European Business Association may facilitate this”, Andriy Smolin remarked. Reference: European Business Association is the largest non-governmental business community comprised of nine hundred leading companies working in Ukraine. The main objective of association is to establish partner relations between European businesses and representatives of Ukrainian government to create favourable conditions and attract foreign investment. European Business Association was founded on the initiative of European Commission, which has an interest in supporting European business in Ukraine.